One of the most common problems nowadays that merit psychological treatment are addictions. But in this case we do not talk about alcohol or drugs, but rather about modern addictions. Especially those that have to do with technology. Therefore, in our consultation in Barcelona we are also dedicated to the treatment of dependencies.

The current dependencies

The new generations have found in technology a new form of addiction. When speaking about dependency, there is talk of a pathological mental and physical state in which an individual feels that he needs a certain stimulus to feel good. This problem can bring diverse consequences as:

– Stress

– Social isolation

– Problems of couple and family

– Depression

– Paranoias

– Sleeping problems

– Even difficulties in sexuality, among other things.

Dependent people are not able to control themselves or give up their object of desire. Some of the modern addictions are the virtual relationships that are given in social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Tinder, cybersex, the search for virtual information, video games, online shopping or internet betting.

With our Tripod Method, based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, we help our patients to align their thoughts with their actions. And we also help you understand the problems that dependencies cause to make your behavior change positively.

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