In our psychology consultation in Barcelona we also deal with sexual disorders. These cover a wide range of difficulties that make people unable to enjoy sexual activities to the fullest. This causes discomfort both in the couple and on a personal level and, therefore, causes a decrease in the quality of life of people.

Sexual disorders can be experienced at any stage of sex, whether in pleasure, desire, excitement or orgasm. It should be noted that sexual behavior is one of the areas of human behavior in which it is more difficult to establish a limit between what is normal and what is pathological.

Common Sexual Disorders

The main disorders we treat in our therapy are alterations of sexual desire, vaginismus, dyspareunia, premature ejaculation, erection problems, anorgasmia, pain during intercourse, sex phobia, aversion to sex or paraphilias such as exhibitionism or bestiality.

Sexual disorders often stem from relationship problems. Violent treatment, having separate lives or being afraid to talk to your partner can disrupt the intimacy of couples. But most of all is not having good communication which negatively affects the sexual life of people. This is what makes them unable to talk about the problems they have at the level of sexuality. All this means that sexual dysfunctions usually have to be treated in parallel with a couple therapies.

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