I like to find ways to refocus people’s lives, problems, and anguishes. Solve a dark time in someone’s life and help you grow emotionally, lead you to spectacular results: I live to get to this moment. I chase a smile where there is a dark face.

I have gathered in a single method all the knowledge that is useful to me in therapy and those that have given the best result in the best period of time. When it comes to suffering, the capital priority is to get rid of it, and the Tripod method I guarantee good results.

I am a psychologist – licensed by the University of Barcelona, master’s degree by the Autonomous and with collegial number 22,443.

Besides, I’m from Barcelona, loyal, idealistic, but it’s not about me, it’s about you: Come and meet me and talk about what you’re so worried about.

You will leave, we will leave.

Tripod method

Very simple: throughout my career I have seen how the welfare of each person is based on three pillars:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Perception of utility
  • Economic stability

It is enough that one fails for a person to suffer. In addition, if we find that 2 or even 3 pillars fail, the person develops even more emotional problems that must be treated urgently, like any other illness.

What does Albert do about it?

Simple: Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy, address each of the 3 areas and find the best solution to your problems in the shortest possible time. Getting out of an emotionally negative stage is possible, if you know how. Psychologists are dedicated to this: to advise, guide and agree on ways of improvement.

The key to success – I do an in-depth analysis of the health status of the three areas and treat them differentially according to the order of priorities that the patient needs. Immediately I draw up a plan for improvement, that is, I advise the therapy to begin to raise the spirits based on actions that must take, and we put it in march of mutual agreement with the patient.

Warning: I do not like to perpetuate my therapies. When you come to visit me be forewarned that I will give you promptness. In summary. You have just become my priority and I direct the priorities fast and well.

What are you waiting for? Take care of changing your life and enjoy it as you deserve!

Albert Vallejo


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