Do you need a psychological expert? In our psychology consultation in Barcelona we also offer this service to collaborate in any judicial process.

What is a psychological expert?

A psychological expert is an experienced in psychology who offers support and advice in the field of justice to anyone who requests it. And it is that sometimes the judges, courts and affected in a judicial process that need to resort to specialists in certain areas to help them make the most appropriate decision and / or obtain a verdict in their favor.

So the function of the psychological expert is the evaluation and diagnosis of the relationships, attitudes, and personality of the people involved in judicial processes.

In what kind of judicial processes does a psychological expert collaborate?

It is common for a psychological expert to intervene in legal proceedings related to family law such as custody of minors, visits and follow-up, adoption and guardianship of minors and deprivation of parental authority, as well as in the Labor law and / or administrative litigation, evaluating the psychological consequences of occupational accidents, work stress, psychological and / or moral harassment, psychological incapacity at work and controversial non-contributory disabilities.

Also, it is used the judicial expert in the criminal law to demonstrate the attributability or not of a certain accused, assess the validity of the testimony, the presence of psychopathological disorders, psychological sequels, etc …

Likewise, a judicial expert designs rehabilitation programs, collaborates in social prevention campaigns against crime and media in legal conflicts.

If you need the advice of a psychological expert in these or other areas, we are at your disposal for any kind of consultation.

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