Today, practically nothing can escape the online world. Not even medical appointments. We are seeing more and more applications that offer medical help through the mobile and although these will never be as efficient as those of physical presence, It does can help in some cases. The same applies to psychology. You can get an online psychologist if for some reason you cannot go to our consultation in Barcelona.

For whom are these consultations oriented?

Physical interaction is important, but it is also possible to offer psychological help to those who need it at a distance. It may not be the same efficiency that takes a little longer to reach the solution. But it is still a help that is well worth trying.

Online psychology is aimed at those who cannot attend our psychology consultation in Barcelona. You may live far away or have some physical impediment that does not allow you to. There are also cases where patients have moved and want to continue their treatment. Or those who live in a country where they do not speak Spanish and want to be treated with a psychologist who cares for them in their language.

What do you need to access an online psychology consultation?

Online psychological therapy has a methodology almost equal to face-to-face. In this case what will change is the means of communication. Video calls are ideal for this kind of sessions and fortunately today there are many tools that allow them.

To access these sessions will be required a computer, mobile or tablet with internet access, in addition to having a user in an application for video calls such as Skype and a quiet and private space for the time of consultation.

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