Being the family the main environment of human development, it plays a key role in the emotional stability of each member. Therefore, many times to solve the problems of the patients it becomes necessary to also perform a family therapy. This is because beyond focusing on the individual, it is necessary to analyze their relationships with other people in their environment.

Family therapy is a type of psychological treatment designed so that family members can improve communication between them and resolve the conflicts that affect them. This therapy should not necessarily include all members. It can work perfectly just with those who feel able to participate.

For whom is family therapy indicated?

Family therapy is recommended when the psychologist observes that the patient’s problem not only affects him but also other family members. This type of therapy is also advised to provide family members with tools to help them deal with a problem with a loved one.

The treatment indicated by the psychologist is different for each family group because it will depend on their particular situation. These family sessions are usually in the short term and in them the general objective is to teach different skills to improve the relationships that each of the members of the family have with each other.

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