Depression is probably one of the most misunderstood diseases today. Sometimes mistakenly confused with sadness, depression should be treated by specialists because it is a serious medical illness. Unlike feeling sad for a few days, depression generates feelings that do not disappear and that persist over time interfering with everyday life.

Symptoms of this condition may include:

-Feeling sad or “empty”

– Increased or decreased appetite

– Loss of interest in favorite activities

– Feeling tired

– Not being able to sleep or sleep too much

– Feeling irritable, anxious, guilty or hopeless.

– You can also add headaches or digestive problems and even ideas of death or suicide.

Causes and Treatment for Depression

There are many causes of depression, including genetic, psychological, biological, and environmental factors. This disorder can occur at any age, although it is usually prevalent in youth. Fortunately this is a problem that can be overcome with specialized medical care.

With cognitive-behavioral therapy, which is the basis of the Tripod Method, we help people understand that their thoughts and behavior are directly related. In our short-term therapy we focus on solving the problem of depression in specific. The goal is for people to learn to identify and change their destructive or disruptive thinking patterns during treatment in order to change their behavior.

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