When relationships begin to deteriorate and couples do not see exit to their problems should be considered the therapy of couple. This is a psychological treatment that the psychology professional gives to both members of the relationship. This third person will be in charge of helping the couple solve their problems.

What is couple therapy?

How is it done? Given that couples come to this therapy to solve a problem or achieve the same goal, it is essential that the first session is clear what the conflict is. And if they are several establish an order of priority to attend them. The first to treat is always one that, according to the perception of those involved, generates more suffering or problems in them.

For greater effectiveness it is important that both go to therapy. Although it is usually only one who proposes to attend, both should be willing to visit the psychologist. However, it is also possible that only one comes. Remember that before trying to change the world we must start with ourselves. Depending on the type of relationship problem, individual work may have an effect and help improve the relationship.

With the Tripod Method that we use in our psychology consultation in Barcelona it is possible to know in which of the three fundamental elements (emotional well-being, perception of utility and economic stability) is the problem. And with cognitive-behavioral therapy will work the affected area in each of the individuals.

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