Just as adults may need the help of a psychologist to improve some aspect of their life that is causing problems, so do children. Any change in a child’s life, however small, may affect his mental health. These changes usually cause the small problem of anxiety, fear or even depression.

How does child psychotherapy work?

In order to deal with this problem, it is necessary to consult a specialist in the area. Psychologists are trained to offer the help that both children and parents need. In fact, a part of child therapy is done from parents. It is essential that the psychologist provides them with the necessary tools to bring about the change needed in the life of their child.

Given the Tripod Method we will try to channel any of the areas of family life that have difficulty, whether emotional well-being, utility perception or economic stability. This is because the family is the main social environment of the child, what happens inside it affects him directly.

One of the main reasons parents go to the child psychologist is because of children’s behavior problems, but also because of learning or anxiety problems. All these problems are perfectly solvable if you have the advice indicated.

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