Albert Vallejo
“I dedicate myself to psychology because it fascinates me”

I like to find ways to refocus people’s lives, problems, and anguishes. Solving a dark time in someone’s life and helping you grow emotionally leads to spectacular results: I live to get to this moment.

When it comes to suffering, the foremost priority is to get rid of it, and with the Tripod Method I guarantee you good results.

Licensed by the University of Barcelona, ​​master’s degree by the Autonomous and with collegial number 22,443.



Couple therapy

Couple therapy helps resolve conflicts or disagreements, accept them as part of the relationship to help us grow and not treat them as obstacles.

Sexual disorders

The therapy helps the person to enjoy the sexual activities in order to increase the quality in couple relationships that can be experienced in any stage of the sex: pleasure, desire, excitement, etc.

Posttraumatic stress

Therapy helps to overcome the thoughts, places, people … that can remember a certain situation or fact. Releasing the feeling of being condemned and looking at the future with hope.

Family therapy

Family therapy is based on the fact that any problem that affects the family or any of its members can be better resolved with the participation of the most significant people (parents, siblings).

Child psychologist

The therapy is developed working with parents about the possible cause of the disorder, bad habits, problems in school, etc. Performing a treatment as you manage to help lead a healthy life.

Eating disorders

Therapy focuses largely on cognitive behavioral guidance and / or systematic counseling by treating the patient on a regular basis for a greater treatment effect.

Personality limit disorder

The treatment of the disorder must take into account the intrinsic complexity of the disease, deciding firstly whether or not it is necessary for the patient to be in some type of regimen, be it ambulatory, partial hospitalization or hospitalization.

Anxiety disorder

Behavioral therapy involves using techniques to reduce or stop unwanted behaviors associated with these disorders. Through cognitive therapy, patients learn to understand how their thoughts contribute to anxiety symptoms or disorders.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The aim of therapy is that the patient does not eliminate the anxiety, but to obtain the psychological flexibility necessary for the anxiety does not interfere in his life, or in his objectives or interests.


The therapies can be of short term (10 to 20 weeks) and others of long term, according to the needs of the individual. There are two main types of psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy.

Postpartum depression

The therapy for postpartum depression is similar to any other therapy performed to treat depression. It is best to treat the therapy process when the mother is breastfeeding her baby.

Treatment of dependencies

If direct therapy is performed with the patient, it is very important to make a good operative diagnosis where it is well discriminated whether dependence is a pleasure-based compulsion or an obsessive-compulsive mechanism to have control of other emotions.

“The mind does not dominate the body, but it becomes the body.

Body and mind are one thing.”

–  Candace Pert

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